You don't have to be a kid to play dress up!

Are you ready for a boutique session?

Here's the scoop!

I will set you up with makeup, wardrobe and an amazing photo experience. It’ll be just like playing dress up as a kid!

I will invite you to join me for a pre-shoot consultation at a local coffee shop. There we’ll discuss all the fabulous details - like what style you’re looking for, what type of images you are hoping to get out of the shoot, location ideas, makeup and hair concepts and anything else that will help create beautiful images for you.

Next, we’ll visit a local boutique to meet with the designer for wardrobe ideas. They’ll help you make your clothing and accessory choices.

The day of your shoot we’ll meet at the boutique and the process of makeup, wardrobe and hair style will begin. We’ll then go to the shoot location and begin creating images The pre-shoot consultation and a 50% deposit are required to book your session.